Metaphysical Mystery Art and Sensory Portrait

Metaphysical Mystery Art

Artistic expression created with the intention of representing through the vibration language of colour what is perceived by the subject from the energy reading.
The Metaphysical Mystery Art is able to capture the most subtle frequences through the aware use of metaphysical perception.
Painting as shamanic act, impression of Aura and soul, image of the energy waves at the basis of manifest reality in human and matter world.
Symbols and forms are used as invitation to search deeply the mysterious and esoteric core meaning of the painting; they are a message to start a wider and multidimensional research.

Sensory Portrait

“Who are you?
Do you really know what your inner gifts are?
You can discover them through the Sensory Portrait.
The Portrait is interactive and it reminds you of your inner gifts any day.
Something about you.”


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